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Your home is a reflection of your style and personality. However, if you live in a neighbourhood where it seems as though every third house has the same floor plan as the one you own, then you may be longing for a place that is truly designed around your needs – it is something that you can truly call your own.

Why opt for custom homes?

There is something special about being able to walk into a home and know that it is designed exactly to your specs and requirements. From the number and size of the bedrooms, to the garage and the state of the art kitchen, a custom home can be everything you desire, and that is where we come in! Older homes often need more work done on them, be it HVAC systems, doors, windows or water system in order to be energy efficient. With a custom home, you can be sure that it is energy efficient, which is a must these days. 

Why hire us?

Excellent Communication

We are experts in gauging the tastes and preferences of our clients. Poor communication can ruin a set of custom house plans. For instance, if your architect doesn’t really understand what you want in your custom home designs, you could end up with a custom-built home that you don’t actually enjoy. Avoid this unsavoury outcome by clearly outlining what your custom home plans should include, and whether or not you’re comfortable with your custom design being tweaked into a universal house plan.


If you have already purchased the land for your dream home, you need to ensure that your designer has a background in working with your type of property. For instance, while a steeply sloped lot often offers up the best views, it also poses unique design challenges. We have vast experience in dealing with such issues.


If something doesn’t come out right in your custom home design, liability insurance can cover rebuilding costs or other unanticipated expenses. As professionals, we carry insurance to defend our customers against expensive errors. 

Attention to Detail

A complete set of custom home plans will include enough information to facilitate construction. We are able to quickly find details on dimensions, materials, and building techniques. Unclear floor plans will bring all sorts of problems. Expensive errors often occur because contractors can’t read or find the necessary details on a set of custom home plans. The last thing you want is a carpenter or plumber making guesses as to what your custom home designs intend! Rest assured, we won’t let that happen.

Following Building Codes

Federal and local building legislation is always changing. If your custom home design doesn’t follow these building guidelines, city officials could reject it and you might more expenses to bring your design “up to code.” We ensure code compliance on all custom homes designed by us. 

So talk to us about your thoughts and ideas so we can fulfil your dream – feel free to reach out to our team and get started!

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